Heavy Storm Alert

Heavy storms in parts of eastern and central Europe are leading to delays to some freight movements, including in Europe’s largest freight market, Germany.

With storms reported in several parts of eastern Europe including Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Poland, intermodal specialist Far East Land Bridge (FELB), which specialises in container transport between Asia and Europe via the Trans-Siberian railway, has warned customers about extreme weather in Germany had also created difficulties for some rail and freight operations.

A major storm in the Hamburg area last night, including a tornado, had led to an interruption of rail services due the state of the rail tracks and that it was likely to continue until around noon today, Friday in the Gütersloh and Hamburg area.

A lack of wagon sets and engine drivers in Germany was also affecting one of its Hamburg import trains

FELB said the Hamburg terminal was “extremely crowded” according to information from DB Cargo, “and there is no forecast available for when the tracks/station/terminal will resume normal work”. It said all export trains there would be delayed.

“Please be prepared that all trains to and from Germany will face heavy delays this weekend and most likely next week,” the company warned customers.

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